Institutional Strengthening: Participatory Communes

Project Execution: 2016

Location: Communes 12 (La América) and 14 (El Poblado), Medellín, Colombia

2210 people linked to 62 Social Organizations and Communal Action Boards (JAC) of Communes 12 and 14

Secretaría de Participación Ciudadana de la Alcaldía de Medellín

Within the framework of the objectives of the Participatory Budget and Public Policy for Social Organizations, the executing agencies of this project were in charge of advising and accompanying 14 JAC and 18 Social Organizations of the Commune 12 and to 11 JAC and 19 Social Organizations Of Commune 14. This consultancy was done focusing on the needs of each JAC and organizations through integrations, trainings, workshops, coaching, wellness days and construction and maintenance of places.

Of this project stands out the realization of the first fair of social organizations of the commune 12 where 16 social organizations participated and there were 170 attendees. There the public policy was spread and the actions that these organizations are generating in the territory were made visible. The first youth camp focused on training in leadership and participation was held, with the participation of 150 young people and the two Scout groups present in the commune. The project also supported financially four artistic and cultural groups in this commune.

In the commune 14, among other actions, a full endowment was given to the medical office of one of the participating JACs and, together with the inhabitants of the La Chacona sector, the communal aqueduct was improved. An event of exaltation was organized for the community leaders, honoring those who have dedicated years of collaborative work in favor of the community and their rights. A posthumous tribute was given to the founder of JAC del Garabato and the first version of the San Lorenzo de Aná Prize was presented, where the characters who have left their mark on the transcendence of the artistic and cultural history of the commune are recognized and encouraged.

In both communes, accompaniment was given on the “white day”, on which the institutions rendered their actions throughout the year, where approximately 1050 people participated. The accompaniment was based on the work plans proposed by each of the organizations and JAC, prioritizing the resources based on the objectives of the participatory budget. The main themes addressed by this project were participation, recognition of public policy for social organizations, appropriation of technology, collaborative work in networks and alliances, organizational management and regulation, gender inclusion, employability and disability. In this scenario, digital maturity evaluations were carried out to 25 social organizations and access to our cooperation platform was given to the 37 participants.