Red Colaborar

Project implementation:  2020- 2025

Location: América Latina y el Caribe

Participants: Latin America and Caribbean Social Organizations

Interamerican Foundation

Red Colaborar

The Red Colaborar project is a collaborative initiative executed in partnership with the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), a United States-based organization that provides financial resources to civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean for the development of the region.

This network fosters a vibrant community that seeks to strengthen organizations through knowledge and experience sharing, identification of common challenges and goals, and collaborative efforts towards sustainable territorial development.

Red Colaborar envisions transcending its role as a network of civil society organizations by leaving a legacy of peace, inclusion, and well-being for present and future generations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Community Assessment and Model Development:

Through a comprehensive assessment process, the RedColaborar team gathered valuable insights into the dynamics, needs, and potential of the participating organizations. This data served as the foundation for constructing a robust collaborative community model, utilizing the Community Canvas framework.

Co-creation of a Collaborative Community Model:

Leveraging the power of co-creation, RedColaborar engaged key stakeholders in a series of workshops to develop a comprehensive community model. This model encompasses three critical aspects: Identity, Experiences, and Structure, ensuring alignment with the needs and aspirations of the partner organizations.

Establishment of a Digital Platform:

To facilitate seamless communication and resource sharing, RedColaborar has established a dedicated online platform. This platform serves as a central hub for organizations to access essential resources, connect with fellow members, and engage in virtual experiences.

Community Management and Content Curation:

RedColaborar’s community management strategy revolves around a series of engaging “Experiences and Rituals.” These virtual gatherings, hosted on the RedColaborar platform, foster interaction and collaboration among partner organizations.

Experiences and Rituals:

  • Cafecito: A casual space for fostering camaraderie, sharing experiences, and getting to know fellow community members through interviews, interactive activities, and integration exercises.

  • Annual Fair: A platform for training, capacity building, and networking among RedColaborar member organizations.

  • Masterclasses: Knowledge-sharing sessions led by experts, both internal and external to the network, providing insights and reflections on priority topics identified by partner organizations.

  • Learning Communities: Virtual spaces dedicated to in-depth discussions and exploration of key themes of interest to partner organizations, such as Community Resilience, Community Philanthropy, Social Inclusion, Agroecology, and Peacebuilding.

  • Solidarity Time: One-on-one exchanges offering tailored advice and support among organizations on topics relevant to their work.

Content Curation and Dissemination:

Complementing the community management strategy, RedColaborar actively curates and disseminates valuable content to empower partner organizations. This content is shared through the platform and social media channels, ensuring accessibility and engagement.

Content Types:

  • Digital Library: A repository of digital resources and training materials readily available to network members, supporting their capacity development efforts.

  • Organizational Directory: A comprehensive database of contact information for RedColaborar partner organizations, facilitating connections and collaboration among members.

  • News: Informative and relevant news updates for the benefit of the network’s constituent organizations.

  • Online Courses: Virtual learning opportunities designed to strengthen the capacities of member organizations.

  • Events Calendar: A centralized hub for publicizing RedColaborar’s regular “Experiences and Rituals” gatherings, as well as events of general interest shared by member organizations.


Connecting and Strengthening Communities

Over 2,000 individuals from Latin American social organizations have participated in more than 50 events encompassing experiences and rituals (Cafecito, Master Classes, Collective Activities, Fairs, In-person Leader Gatherings). These engagements have fostered community connections, facilitated knowledge exchange, and promoted skill development among participating organizations.

Nurturing Learning Communities

Five learning communities have been actively supported, with over 120 engaged participants. These dedicated spaces delve into topics of community interest, including Community Resilience, Community Philanthropy, Social Inclusion, Agroecology, and Peacebuilding. Upcoming learning communities on Rural Women and Chronic Violence are in the pipeline.

Leveraging the RedColaborar Platform

More than 890 individuals from 413 organizations have registered on the platform. Since its launch in 2021, the platform has housed over 700 training resources and published content, enabling community interaction with valuable information for competency development.

Co-creating the Community Model

Over 34 community leaders from 17 organizations across 9 countries have participated in co-creation spaces and leader meetings to support the consolidation of the community model, which is currently 80% complete. Key advancements in this model-building process include the design of community identity, experiences, and structure. This model will serve as the roadmap for managing the RedColaborar network’s internal processes.

Fostering Connections at the Re-connection Fair

The second edition of the “Re-connection” Fair, co-created with the community, featured training spaces, interactive sessions, and opportunities for participants to build connections and explore opportunities. The 2023 version attracted 250 attendees from 153 social organizations, offering an academic, cultural, and social agenda for sharing and connecting within the RedColaborar community.

In-person Community Strengthening

In-person community strengthening spaces have been facilitated, including the first ‘Tejiendo Lazos’ in-person leader gathering, held in Medellín with 20 leaders from 9 Latin American countries. Additionally, in December 2023, a pre-Global Summit ‘Shift The Power’ meeting was held with the Community Philanthropy node’s learning community, attended by 57 leaders of social organizations that are part of RedColaborar.

A Year of Collaboration and Impact

RedColaborar’s initiatives have empowered Latin American social organizations, fostering connections, nurturing learning, and advancing the community model. These efforts demonstrate the network’s commitment to strengthening the social sector and creating a positive impact in the region.