Training and implementation solutions for social organizations

We understand that organizational culture is essential for the appropriation of a new technology in the operation of your organization, that is why we have developed training and implementation services that manage to accompany your organizational change, and in this way technology becomes the best ally for you and your organization.

Cloud work solutions

After years of learning and observing the needs of our clients, we put together our star services “Training and implementation solutions in the cloud (SFI)” and “Microsoft Licenses available to your company”, reaching solutions that adapt to the different organizations and adding value to cloud storage.

Email settings

We carry out the process of configuring your emails and teach you how to create users for your account. We do the work in non-working hours so that you do not interrupt the activities of your organization.

Google Ads settings

We developed a basic training process in Google Ads (donation of $ 10,000 search engine) for social organizations  that benefit from the Google For NonProfits Grant (G4NP) use this advertising platform to promote their initiatives and services on the web, helping to expand its visibility and impact.

Office 365 training and deployment

We help you to implement and optimize Office365. We will guide you with planning, taking a tour of each of the applications of this tool, understanding how file sharing, collaboration, security and 24/7 support from Microsoft work.

Document management training

We accompany you throughout the process, send you a proposal according to the needs of your organization and we help you to take advantage of your new document management model. We do the work at the times that best suit the activities of your collaborators.

Success stories

“(…)”Using Office365 and the document management service allowed us to define organizational strategies and define the path to advance in technological matters. Likewise, during the process of working with MAKAIA we understood how to use tools as simple as email to enhance our work. Also, we have access to our documents, online and with established organizational parameters …”

Sonia Gallardo
Executive Director
Comité de Rehabilitación

“… Since we implemented Office 365 in our organization, we are happy. The workflows between teams have improved a lot and we have implemented an online process flow so as not to duplicate the work and keep everything in the cloud.…”

Tatiana Cardona
Organizational Development Director
Berta Martínez Foundation

RECONCILIACIÓN COLOMBIA is an organization that was transformed with MAKAIA! They tell us how they did it through Microsoft Cloud licenses and Training and Implementation Services.

Our clients