4RI Talent – Women in Technology

Project Execution: 2018 – Currently

Location: Metropolitan area of the Aburra Valley, Colombia

Beneficiaries: Young women (between 13 and 25 years old) in conditions of vulnerability, low-income communities and/or in processes of restitution of rights of the metropolitan area.

Beneficiaries: Women, men and people with physical disabilities of the metropolitan area of ​​Valle de Aburrá.

Women in Technology

Women in Technology is a commitment to overcome the social and gender gap, through the approach to technology and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) of women from the city of Medellín and the metropolitan area, generating capabilities to make use of technology as an opportunity for social and economic inclusion, whether as a professional choice, entrepreneurship project or employability. The project is led by  Motorola Solutions Foundation  and, in a first phase, had the support of the Rodrigo Arroyave Arango Foundation. In the second phase, it received resources from the Regional Call for Social Investment of the Bolivar Davivienda Foundation.

Its execution is led by Ruta N Medellín and it has the involvement of Marina Orth Foundation and MAKAIA, who contribute from their knowledge and experiences. The activities take place in different spaces where young women are concentrated who are studying, are in the process of restitution of rights or are under the care of the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (Colombian Family Welfare Institute).

For 2019, the project was incorporated into the AvantagEd initiative of the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

Social problems addressed

As a social purpose, the program aims to overcome three phenomena of social exclusion:

  • The effect of the girl (discrimination and greater risks in situations of vulnerability)
  • The double exclusion (gender + race or gender + sexual orientation, gender + socio-economic situation, etc.); y
  • And the “NEEF” (Youth not in Education, Employment, or Training), most of whom are women.