We develop mappings of opportunities that strengthen the cooperation processes of social organizations

Opportunity mappings are detailed, custom-designed investigations that track opportunities for national and international cooperation for social organizations, identifying organizations and networks (funds, trusts, endowments, governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs), sources of funding for projects, sources of technical cooperation and partnerships for projects, as well as events, courses, internships, scholarships or any other information of interest that strengthens the international cooperation processes of the organizations or their missionary work.

The development of the mapping facilitates the identification of opportunities for cooperation on a particular topic or for a population approach, in a determined region and according to the type of cooperation desired.

MAKAIA develops these studies and analyzes through its own methodology and tools, which allow it to identify priorities, track organizations or networks according to defined themes and develop deliverables with prioritization of opportunities and follow-up proposals focused on concrete results that allow improving processes or streamlining the make strategic decisions.

This action is part of the line of International Cooperation and Partnerships, which focuses its efforts on the mobilization of human, financial and information resources.

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