We celebrate 12 years transforming lives

Last June, we reached a new milestone in the history of MAKAIA: our twelfth anniversary. This moment undoubtedly invited us to the celebration and deep gratitude to our founders, collaborators and allies, who have accompanied us for more than a decade of continuous work, but also generated important reflections on the built and perspectives on our future goals .

The celebration of our creation on June 3, 2006, also coincides with the first 5 years of our Cooperation platform Nodo Ká, which was presented on June 21, 2013. For this reason throughout the month of June, we will share actions aimed at recognizing the achievements made as an organization and highlighting the fruits of the work that has allowed us to strengthen technological tools and provide opportunities to social organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our values ​​and guiding principles are in force today more than ever and MAKAIA is willing to fulfill its purpose of doing and building, recognizing in addition that we do it with others; public, private actors, from the social sector and people who have contributed and have written their part in the history of MAKAIA. In addition, we propose ourselves to transform realities with the work developed in our lines of action and the initiatives focused on Technology, International Cooperation and innovation.


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