Parche TIC Palmiteño

Ejecución: 2020 – 2021

Lugar: Corregimiento San Sebastián de Palmitas de Medellín, Colombia


140 jóvenes entre los 14 y 28 años, habitantes del corregimiento San Sebastián de Palmitas


Secretaría de Juventud
Alcaldía de Medellín

The Palmiteño ICT hangout project

The Palmiteño ICT hangout project is an initiative operated by MAKAIA. It is carried out in the San Sebastián de Palmitas district of Medellín with resources from the Participatory Budget and the supervision of the Youth Secretariat.

The thematic axis of this project is to introduce the young population of this rural territory to the effective use of digital tools, seeking that their mastery has a positive impact on their current youth processes. With this initiative, we are training more than sixty young people in multimedia production, web development, and youth leadership with an ICT approach. In turn, the young community will be given a transmedia platform co-created by them in these processes, which will allow them to narrate and promote their artistic, cultural, and sports initiatives in an autonomous way.

This project also seeks to generate meeting spaces for young people, expressed in a series of public events such as Palmiteña Youth Day and strengthening meetings with the Palmiteña youth network.