Digital tools guide for working remotely

We are in an extraordinary context in which we all have the responsibility to contribute to the containment of COVID-19, while we must, as far as possible, maintain the operation of various professional projects and services.

Many small and medium-sized companies, institutions and non-profit organizations have had to assume the virtual work modality despite not having it foreseen in the short term. This circumstance coincides with a digital and collaborative environment in which it is possible to access a large variety of tools to coordinate tasks, share documents in the cloud and maintain fluid communication between work teams.

We present below a series of tools for organizations and social entrepreneurs useful for holding meetings, storing files and managing projects that include, in most cases, free access modalities and that do not require specialized technical support for their implementation, in this case merit , willingness and openness to assume an efficient culture of remote work.

Many organizations and individuals already work with email services hosted in the cloud, being among the most popular Gmail and Outlook. In this manual we refer to different applications that are grouped on Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite platforms. And we also include services that are not part of these platforms and are also accessible and easy to configure.

Tools for team communications

Tools for video conferencing

Tools for document management in the cloud

Platforms to send files

Task and project management

In the cases of Office 365 and the G Suites, both platforms have modalities designed for non-profit organizations, both services being very well configured to work remotely.

As remote work is a trend in which more and more people are related, in a next installment we will share useful team management tips to facilitate remote work.

Accompaniment to upload to the cloud

From MAKAIA we are committed to supporting social organizations in the use and appropriation of technology, that is why we have some support services that may interest you. We invite you to register for a free consultation and accompany you in the process of using digital tools.

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