Teachers from Briceño (Antioquia) and Mesetas (Meta), completed the training process in ICT adoption

In the projects that we develop with coffee growers in the departments of Antioquia and Meta, we finalize the training process in ICT Adoption that we carry out with teachers from the prioritized populations. In the municipality of Briceño, Antioquia, 15 teachers from the Antonio Roldán Betancur Educational Institution, the Rural Educational Centers of Gurrí, El Roblal, Cruces, Palmichal and the Rural Educational Institution Sede El Hoyo participated, as part of the project Briceño coffee value chain connected with the world. Likewise, in Mesetas, Meta, 20 teachers from the Jardín de Peñas Educational Institution completed the process, in Tierra Colombia: Technological Transformation project.

With the participating teachers, we work on the competences for the professional development of teachers, proposed by the Ministry of National Education and which are summarized in 5 areas: Investigative Competence, Pedagogical Competence, Communicative Competence, Management Competence and Technological Competence. In the process, they developed skills for managing digital applications and tools that they can implement in their educational processes to facilitate work dynamics in the classroom and, at the same time, make use of new tools to access information and build knowledge.

The training that had started in person, had to adjust and migrate to virtuality in the face of the contingency by COVID-19. However, this was not an impediment to completing the scheduled sessions. Two modules were worked on: 1. Digital literacy, and 2. Innovation Laboratories. The first was oriented to the exploration of digital tools that could be used in the classroom, while in the Innovation Laboratories we worked with Arduino technology to find solutions to the needs of the context of the teachers and their students, which is why the knowledge obtained for the basic programming of Arduino is applicable in the classroom for the development of projects.

The training for teachers carried out is part of the ICT Adoption and digital skills development component, which focuses on implementing ICT adoption processes with coffee growers, their families and teachers in prioritized educational centers, to potentiate access to information and appropriation of good practices in the coffee sector.

Briceño coffee value chain connected to the world, is a project of Terrritorios de Oportunidad, managed by MAKAIA and Alo & Partners with the support of A New Sunrise Colombia, Urbania Café and the Briceño Mayor’s Office, which seeks to promote the economic and sustainable development of the municipality, by promoting the social and economic inclusion of coffee growers, their families and the educational community, strengthening local associations, and positioning the coffee market differentiated from the coffee production activity.

Tierra Colombia: Technological Transformation, is a project of the Lavazza Foundation, which we developed with Alo & Partners, with the support of the SAFE Platform and with technology from Microsoft and xFarm. This initiative seeks to strengthen the capacities of coffee growers and transform their lives thanks to the use and appropriation of ICT tools that can be incorporated into their daily activities to improve their productivity, value chain, and access to markets.

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