Cooperation Agendas

We serve as a channel for organizations that are in search of partnerships and relationship opportunities to easily access meeting spaces and get in contact with other organizations of their interest.

Strategic Connections

We accompany organizations and social projects in the development of national and international partnerships.

Studies and Environmental Analysis

We carry out analytical activities, surveys and sector studies focused on concrete results that allow our customers to make rapid strategic decisions and to improve their processes.

Training, Cooperation Consulting and Resource Mobilization

We train and accompany the social organizations and projects in the development of national and international partnerships. We hold virtual or face-to-face training programs about international cooperation and resource mobilization, among them Crowdfunding and partnerships among others.

International Cooperation Platform
Nodo Ká

Online platform for organizations and social projects that have content and applications to promote the exchange of resources, information and knowledge. It offers services such as calls for proposals and funds, co-operators directory, directory of social organizations, mapping opportunities, virtual marketplace, job and volunteers opportunities, among others.

Platform for the Management of Beneficiaries

Cloud application designed for entities that monitor, finance or implement social projects, allowing them to have accurate and real-time information about their beneficiaries and their impact.