Projects currently developed

Geek Academy

We offer free intensive training in the development of web interfaces and content for video games using virtual reality, in a process focused on low-income young people who see technology as a life option (work or entrepreneurship).

Women in Technology

We generate capacities to make use of technology as an opportunity for social and economic inclusion in girls and young women in vulnerable situations.


Contigo Conectados

We support the operation of the TigoUne CSR program and its strategy to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities in the use of the Internet.

Open Data Culture

We promote a culture around Open Data with the participation and commitment of citizens

Tierra Colombia: Technology Transformation

We strengthen the capacities of coffee farmers and their families and transform their lives with TVWS connectivity, access to IoT devices, use and adoption of ICT tools and innovation laboratories.


Oriéntate: the world at a clic

We develop ICT competences in teachers and teaching directors of Public Educational Institutions of the country and communities belonging to the Nutresa Group value chain.

Inclusion for People with Disabilities through ICT

We offer training in ICT tools so that people with disabilities improve their living conditions and develop fully.


Corporate Citizenship Samsung

We promote processes of social transformation through the implementation of the programs of Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Colombia


Technology for the Social Sector

In partnership with Techsoup Global we provide free or highly discounted legal software, as well as capacity development in technology issues to social organizations and libraries in Colombia and 13 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Other projects (Past experiences)


Use and Adoption of Technology in Public Libraries

Support for the strengthening of the National Network of Public Libraries through the provision of technology, training, development of innovative services. A project developed by the Ministry of Culture, the National Library and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Successful Experiences between Libraries from Colombia, Peru and Uruguay

We promoted collaboration, the use of technology, library services, management of alliances and training in public libraries in Colombia, Peru, Uruguay with the support of The Pérez Guerrero Trust Fund


Beyond Access: Making information something of everyone

A project dedicated to encouraging dialogue, bringing the community together and facilitating the creation of partnerships in public libraries.