Survey for non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations face a unique moment in history. The intense challenges of 2020 are changing the way we raise funds and how we adapt and use technology to serve our communities. This turning point will shape everything we do for the next decade, and beyond.

In this global crisis, TechSoup partnered with a group of our philanthropic and technology partners on a global research project to understand the real-world barriers associated with the adoption of technology in nonprofit organizations.

We must challenge the outdated notion that “nonprofits are just bad at using technology.” The truth is, nonprofits are used to doing more with less. And right now, social organizations around the world are innovating with real-time technology to continue meeting critical human needs, while struggling with a combination of unprecedented challenges to their operations.

Right now, top funders around the world are listening to the answers to these questions. They want to help, we need to tell them how to do it. This is TechSoup’s first global survey in nearly a decade. With your answers, we can gain a deeper and more up-to-date understanding of barriers to technology adoption for nonprofits and map current opportunities for educators, service providers, foundations, and donors to know where to start. and how to help generate the greatest impact.

As we plan for the future, technology must play a critical role in keeping us connected to our teams and helping our communities recover. It is essential that we understand both the individual technology needs of your organization and our collective technology challenges in order to develop the necessary training, services and support.

By better understanding the barriers and opportunities your organization experiences, we can help you manage efforts to support you. We will be able to better target our partners’ philanthropic and corporate donations, and we can help other organizations like yours face similar challenges around the world.

Take a few minutes to complete the survey. The path so that we all have the support we need to take advantage of technology in the coming months and years begins with you.

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