Telemedicine at the service of coffee growers in Mesetas – Meta

In February, we will carry out the Telemedicine pilot in Mesetas-Meta, to favor the community with opportunities for remote diagnosis and teleconsultation using TV White Spaces technology.

At MAKAIA we signed an agreement with the University of Antioquia to carry out a Telemedicine pilot in the municipality of Mesetas in the department of Meta in February, with the beneficiary population of the Technological Transformation project: improving the lives of coffee growers in Colombia.

The pilot, which includes remote diagnosis and teleconsultation processes, seeks to demonstrate how technology becomes a tool to improve the quality of life in this community. The importance of this radio project in facilitating access to medical care for this population, providing more equitable opportunities and care services by specialists in internal medicine, psychiatry and maternity.

Telemedicine is a remote medical service delivery option that implements information and communication technologies to prevent, identify and treat diseases. For this pilot, use TV White Spaces technology that takes advantage of the spectrum spaces that analog TV has made useless when switching to digital format, to transmit at speeds of up to 20 megabits per second.

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