5 tips to start the year with a digital transformation in your organization

The digital transformation has become in a necessity for the social organizations now a days. With the continuous advance in technology the social organizations face the pressure to adapt and better their process to keep on being competitive and relevant. The digitalization allows them to be more efficient, improve their communication with their beneficiaries and to expand their reach. However, it also poses significant challenges, like security of their information and the personal training. In this article we will explore how social organizations can work through those challenges and beneficiate from the digital transformation.  

We can define the digital transformations as an integration of digital tools with the organizations processes creating an automatization of them. We define these tools like the basic Microsoft Office or the one that help us to connect during the pandemic like zoom. 

This necessity arise from the market demands and for the constant search to improve the clients experience and beneficiaries of the social organization, that are in constant search to close the technology gap that exits in less develop communities and departments.  

In MAKAIA we understand that the organizational culture is fundamental for the appropriation of a new technology in your organization process. That is why we offer these 5 tips that you can do to define the current state of your organization and what you must do to make technology your ally.  

  1. First, you must define the current state of your organization, you can do the digital diagnosis we offer in https://nodoka.co/transformacion-digital/ to better understand the level at which your organization is: nascent, tendencies follower, conservator and digital. This test analyses 5 important areas like your mission and strategy, your organizational culture, operations, communications and marketing and infrastructure. 
  1. After knowing what level your organization is at is important to determine which are the digital strategic to improve the processes, facilitated the social activity of your organization and help you achieve your goals. 
  1. Introduce initiatives to promote your collaborators participation to facilitate your transformation process. Change is not easy; this is why is important that all the associate of your organizations reflect about these changes and there is a total integration with the tools. 
  1. In every new project is important to measure the efficiency of this changes, this is why is fundamental to do a constant validation of these new tools. 
  1. Is important to keep on learning and ask for help in case of not knowing how to implement properly the digital transformation inside your organization, this is why we have developed implementation and formation services to help you achieve your organizational change, find more information in https://makaia.org/portfolio/solucionesdeformacion/ 

In conclusion, is important for the development of every organization to communicate and guide the tools to execute the strategies, actions and results that we are hoping for. In this new year thinking about improving the processes with the help of the digital tools that are available in the market is the first step towards the digital transformation and the competitivity growth of your social organization. 

The social organizations can face several challenges implementing the digital transformation: 

  • Access to technology and resources: Many organizations can have difficulties to obtain access to technology and found resources to implement digital solutions. 
  • Personal Training: Is important that your collaborators are train in using these new tools and the implemented technology. 
  • Cultural change: The implementation of technology changes can generate resistance to change from some collaborators. 
  • Information security: The digitalization of the information generates security challenges, is important that organizations implement security measures to protect the confidential information. 
  • Digital identity: Many social organizations work with marginalized communities and those can have difficulties to access digital services and sometimes they don´t have a digital identity. 
  • Change your way of work: The digitalization can require changes in the way that social organizations work, which can be challenging to some of the collaborators.  
  • Sustainability: Is important that social organizations consider long term sustainability to the implemented digital solutions and avoid a dependency with the obsoletes technologies. 
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