Technology, the best ally for social organizations

The past few years have disrupted office logistics and the workplace culture. Technological development has allowed organizations to empower themselves through digital solutions. A clear example is the implementation of solutions or software that allow the acceleration of digital transformation processes, allowing the development of various activities and methodologies in a collaborative and more productive way. 

The last few years have been key, thanks to the systematization of processes and decentralizing information, operative processes are being reduced; thus, Social Organizations can invest the time in increasing their impact and reaching more beneficiaries in less time. Moreover, through these digital systematization processes, all the information is now stored in databases and digital solutions, facilitating for example, access to information for reporting and measuring the impact of their actions.

¿What has been the technological impact on work teams? 

Hybrid Work. 

A January 2021 survey by PwC found that 83% of employers say remote work has been successful for their organization. However, nonprofit organizations reported that program delivery, fundraising and marketing were negatively affected by the pandemic. Now that the pandemic has moderated and offices are returning to face-to-face activity, we have entered the era of hybrid work. This is defined as more flexible work styles where organizations of all kinds support employees and volunteers to do their work in person and remotely. 

Cloud adoption. 

Social organizations accelerated their digital transformation using cloud-based software and services. The rapid move to remote work in the pandemic required it. In that sense, organizations have moved from highly reliable platforms to implementing additional security measures to protect their organizations and employees working from home. 

Which of these solutions could you find in the donation program for the social sector? 

It is important to recognize that new forms of work are available and Social Organizations have the possibility of accessing all kinds of technological opportunities to continue expanding their mission throughout Latin America.  


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