MAKAIA is a non-profit organization that strengthen capacity for social development through technology, innovation and international cooperation. MAKAIA means "to build" or "to do", in Miskito (indigenous language from Honduras). Its name represents the objective of MAKAIA: to build partnerships and relations oriented to social and economic development.

MAKAIA was born from the vision of its three founders Catalina Escobar, Camilo Mondragón and Maria Claudia Camacho on 3 June 2006. Three Colombians who, after studying and working abroad, decided to establish an organization with the aim of contributing to the development of the country, by taking advantage of their knowledge, experience and networks. Today, 10 years later, MAKAIA is recognized nationally and internationally for its experience of institutional strengthening, and outstanding programs and projects focused on the development of the social sector.


We strengthen capacities for social development through technology, innovation and international cooperation.


Every person and organization has the information and knowledge to transform themselves and their communities.


Social Conscience: Our programs and projects will always reflect and meet the needs and empowerment of communities by supporting them through self-sustaining actions for social transformation.

Diversity: We are tolerant and we promote different ways of thinking, believing, acting and feeling including cultural, physical and sexual. The first step for social inclusion is acceptance and respect for diversity.

Vanguard / Innovation: we maintain a curious attitude, we are open and willing to gain new knowledge. No idea is as crazy as it seems. We are always one step ahead because we are willing to learn to go outside-the-box.

Self-management and pro-activity: we foster the participation within an environment of tolerance among collaborators, the fulfillment of the tasks assumed and we stimulate the development of their intellectual capacities under pro-activity.

Excellence: We are committed to the highest quality in the fulfilment of our activities, exceeding the expectation of the customers, consciously and efficiently..